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Accidental Damage Waiver Plan
Accidents Can and Do Happen at the Cottage!
Program Outline

Our Accidental Damage Waiver Plan is a service we offer to our rental clients to protect them from accidental damage while staying at one of our cottages. The service works like this;

For a one time fee of $65.00 the Accidental Damage Waiver Plan will provide coverage for accidental damage taking place at the cottage during your stay for up to a total of $3000.00 in damages.

The coverage only applies to accidental damage. A credit card number will still be required for long distance telephone calls, extra cleaning charges, garbage disposal, pet cleanup, etc.

What can go wrong?

Last year we had a number of claims from our Accidental Damage Protection Plan. The claims ranged from a chair falling through a picture window, to a kitchen counter top being damaged by someone burning it with a hot casserole dish, kids throwing a ball through a patio door. Purchasing the Accidental Damage Protection Plan will give you peace of mind during your vacation.

Accidental Damage Legal Explanation
Protection Plan Limited Waiver
Terms of Waiver

As an enrollee under this plan, staying at a property ("the Property") rented to you by a division of Interactive Vacation Rentals Inc ("the Company"), you will not be obligated to pay, subject to the conditions referred to below, for damage to covered real or personal property of the owner of the property that is occupied by you the Enrollee. If the Enrollee purchases this plan, the Company waives the right to charge the Enrollee for theft or damages to the property as a result of your inadvertent acts or omission during the duration of the Stay.

The maximum limit of this waiver of liability is $3000 aggregate per stay.


The Accidental Damage Protection plan has certain conditions. The plan will not waive your liability for damage or theft resulting from:

  1. Acts of God, as a result of fire, flood, or other natural disasters(this clause is applicable to cottage owners only);
  2. Intentional Acts, and omissions by a Enrollee and/or their guests. When the consequences to the Property could have been foreseen by a reasonable person including additional cleaning and/or maintenance resulting from abuse and/or neglect.
  3. Gross Negligence which, for the purposes of This Agreement, shall be defined as an act by a Enrollee and/or their guests in reckless or willful disregard as to the consequences to the Property including loss or damage by animal; *
  4. Any cause, if the Enrollee does not report the damage immediately to Company staff prior to checking out of the cottage;
  5. Normal wear and tear (this clause is applicable to cottage owners only);
  6. Future loss of rental income* (this clause is applicable to cottage owners only);
  7. Coverage does not apply for theft or damage of any property owned by or brought on to the premises by an Enrollee.

    *In The event of loss or damage to the vacation accommodation caused by such acts or omissions by Enrollees and/or their invitee's, you will be entirely liable for such damages. Any of the aforementioned issues or damages may be debited from the credit card submitted by you to the Company.


    All registered guests shown on the property rental agreement, who have elected to purchase the Accidental Damage Protection plan and have paid the required plan cost.

    The stay at a vacation home from the date of Enrollee check-in to the date of check-out.


All waivers of theft or damage will be administered by Company staff at the property. Such staff will have the sole authority to determine the nature and extent of damages, necessary repairs and eligibility for the waiver of liability described herein. The Enrollee must report in writing any theft or damage to the unit or its contents to staff by the time of checkout or any otherwise applicable damage waiver for such Enrollee will be void. The Company manager has ultimate claim administration authority. In the event of any dispute relating to this waiver the Company may require such dispute be submitted to binding arbitration.


he plan takes effect upon check in or registration on the booked arrival date to a vacation home together with payment of the plan cost before check-in.

All coverage shall terminate upon normal check out time or the departure of the Enrollee, whichever occurs first.


IMPORTANT NOTE: Payments for the Accidental Damage Protection plan will not be accepted after the guest has entered the unit for the beginning of their stay.