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28 June 2013
Lion's Head
Your Holiday Destination!
The perfect cottage rental location is found halfway up the Bruce Peninsula, in the village of Lions Head, Ontario where limestone shorelines and sunrises are things you will not get tired of seeing, and loons calling and waves crashing are sounds you will look forward to hearing every time you return.

Lions Head is a charming little village that attracts guests from all over the globe - let us help you and your family find the perfect cottage rental here!

Lions Head has a natural harbour and a beautiful sandy beach. This beach is perfect for families that have rented cottages within the village and surrounding areas. The harbour provides great swimming, fishing, kayaking, canoeing and rock climbing. Many families that rent cottages in Lions Head get to experience most of these things while here.

The rugged Niagara Escarpment that wraps around this harbour is how this town came to be Lions Head. A large rock formation at the tip of the Escarpment resembling a lions head used to be visible from the shoreline but since then has been partially grown over by trees.

While you are renting a cottage in Lions Head take in some of the activities that the village has to offer: hike the Bruce Trail with its wide variety of plants, potholes, and lookouts; have a bite to eat at a local restaurant or bakery; or shop at some of the unique shops and artisans studios.

A recent addition to the community is Friday nights Harbor Nights located down at the beach shoreline. Every Friday night local musicians perform songs and play musical instruments in front of a large cheering crowd. Take a break from the cottage or your outdoor adventures and come and enjoy an evening of singing and jamming.

Lions Head really is the perfect place for your family to vacation, so let us help you and your family find a great cottage rental in this beautiful Ontario community!
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21 June 2013
Visit Flowerpot Island!
What to Do While You're at the Cottage
Flowerpot Island is a place of rugged beauty, with its undisturbed natural vegetation surrounded by the pristine turquoise waters of Georgian Bay. This magical place is set in Fathom Five National Marine Park off the shore of Tobermory and it is a must-see spot to visit while you enjoy your cottage rental on the Bruce Peninsula! (As this is a part of the National Marine Park, park access fees do apply).

When renting a cottage an important consideration is often what kinds of activities are available for the whole family to enjoy. A visit to FlowerPot Island is one such option - for everyone!

Flowerpot Island offers a great setting for exploration during the late spring, throughout the summer, and into early fall  perfect for cottagers! Access is dependent on weather conditions (especially the wind), but Georgian Bay often co-operates.

Boat tours (operated by two private tour companies) depart out of Tobermory and provide transportation around, or to and from the Island, giving you the opportunity to step off the boat and see the majestic Flowerpots up close and personal. There are two of these impressive rock formations that look like flowerpots  hence the name  that were formed by the wear and tear of waves over millions of years.

And dont forget to enjoy trekking the Island via the hiking trails (wear appropriate footwear though, these are rugged trails aimed at maintaining the natural beauty of the Island!). These trails will bring you to a cave, an observation deck looking out at Georgian Bay, as well as the Lightkeepers home and lightstation. Cold drinks and snacks are available there, but its also a good idea to come prepared before you leave the cottage and ensure that you have plenty of drinking water, especially on those hot summer days! And while there are a few garbage bins on the Island, dont bring a lot of garbage with you  and please dont litter!

When getting your pack together before leaving the cottage for your day-long adventure, dont forget to pack your swimsuit so that you can take a dip in the cool waters of Georgian Bay  if you dare!

After a visit to FlowerPot Island, head back to your cottage and relax and reflect on your adventure!
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14 June 2013
Your Dog at The Cottage
Tips for An Enjoyable Holiday with Your Dog
Taking your dog to an ONTARIO COTTAGE RENTAL involves a bit of planning before you hit the road.

Here are a few pointers to get you started on planning your vacation with your beloved companion.

Before leaving for the COTTAGE take your dog to the vet for a quick check up and to get all necessary shots and vaccinations. Make sure you have copies of your vaccination records and licenses for your dog. Look into some local vets and keep their telephone numbers with you at the COTTAGE in case of emergency.

Before you venture out with your dog on a 5 hour trek to the COTTAGE take your dog on a short drive around your own home and see how he or she does. If you notice that your dog is not enjoying the drive you may need to contact a vet and see about something that your dog can be given for the long car ride to the COTTAGE.

While vacationing at an ONTARIO COTTAGE RENTAL please make sure your dog is on a leash. There is much wildlife that your dog may be interested in following and if not on a leash you may end up with a lost pet. Another reason for the leash is that a lot of families that are renting COTTAGES are bringing along their pets as well, and not all dogs get along - so having he/she on a leash will take away from the stress of them wondering off to see what other dogs are around.

Please make sure that while you are at your ONTARIO COTTAGE RENTAL that you try to keep your dog from barking a lot. Noise travels across lakes and there is nothing worse than a barking dog to wake you while on vacation at the COTTAGE, so be respectful of others who want to enjoy their peace and quiet too.

Lastly, there is lots of wildlife at the COTTAGE that your dog may not be familiar with. At your ONTARIO COTTAGE RENTAL you and your dog may see raccoons, skunks, porcupines, chipmunks, squirrels, rabbits, snakes and maybe even a bear. So just be cautious when out exploring this new terrain, so that you and your dog have a safe and enjoyable experience!
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