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26 July 2013
Safety Out on the Water
The Safe Use of Recreational Watercraft
When looking at cottages available to rent through Rentcottage.com you may notice that many cottages offer recreational equipment for your use and enjoyment. These recreational items can range from sports equipment to bicycles, and even non-motorized watercraft such as canoes, kayaks, paddleboats, or rowboats (and more)!

Lake Huron, Georgian Bay, and the many stunning inland lakes in Rentcottage.coms coverage area offer amazing opportunities to get out on the water while youre enjoying your holiday at the cottage. When engaging in activities out on the water, safety considerations are at the foremost of importance.

One of the first items to check on is whether or not the rental cottage also offers lifejackets  this will be indicated under the Vital Statistics or House Rules of the cottages webpage. Never go out on the water without a proper lifejacket or personal flotation device  if the cottage does not offer one, please be sure to bring your own.

When out kayaking, canoeing or any other type of boating, always keep in mind that weather out on the water can change in an instant. You should always take extra caution when venturing out onto any body of water - large or small, open or sheltered. Keep a close eye on the weather as storms can blow in on Lake Huron and Georgian Bay very rapidly. You do not want your holiday to end in tragedy so check the weather before going out in any watercraft.

Dont be daring either& instead find a comfortable, sheltered area to enjoy a paddle and always pay attention to your surroundings  whether it is watching for rocks in the water or other boaters to always knowing your location.

If you take valuables out on the water, such as cameras or cell phones, put them in a watertight container for safe keeping. Whistles, flares and safety ropes are excellent items to consider taking with you, as well as dressing appropriately for wind and cold water. Safety out on the water is a key factor in keeping your holiday at the cottage safe and fun for all. Take some time to plan ahead and be prepared, and dont forget to smile and enjoy these great recreational activities!

For safe keeping of the equipment never non-motorized watercraft in the water or close to shore  waves and wind can easily carry boats away of all shapes and sizes. At the end of your stay at the cottage, please ensure that all recreational watercraft are properly stored (see your Information Package for specific instructions). Bring the watercraft back out of the water and store all lifejackets and paddles where you found them. This way, the watercraft that is available at the cottage will be available for the enjoyment of all renters throughout the season.
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19 July 2013
Neyaashiinigaamiing First Nations Reserve
(Cape Croker)
Neyaashiinigaamiing, or Cape Croker, is the reserve located north of Wiarton, an area where a First Nations community has lived for centuries. Rentcottage.com has two listings on this reserve. Call our office to get more information on them  1.888.447.9590  and bring your family to experience some of the most pristine waters and scenery on the Peninsula.

Neyaashiinigaamiing will provide you with spectacular scenery and incredible views from many points on the reserve.

If you are staying with at a rental cottage elsewhere on the Peninsula, make sure you visit the Native community and admire exotic plants together with wildlife. This place provides a lot of information for those who wish to learn more about the Bruce Peninsula and its First Nations history.

While staying at a rental cottage take in the Cape Croker Pow Wow, which is held annually on the 3rd weekend of August. A Pow Wow is a gathering of Native people celebrating their heritage through drumming, songs, and dance. It is a very powerful event to be part of or to witness.

If you are renting a cottage in the area and want to hike the Bruce Trail, youre in luck, as some of the most beautiful parts of the Bruce Trail run right through Cape Croker Reserve. Experience it for yourself and broaden your horizons!
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12 July 2013
The MS Chi-Cheemaun and Manitoulin Island
The Perfect Day-Trip Experience!
The MS Chi-Cheemaun Ferry  the big canoe in Ojibway  is your means of transportation between Tobermory and Manitoulin Island, across the beautiful waters of Georgian Bay. Taking a cruise on the ferry and visiting Manitoulin Island is a great idea for a day-trip while you are enjoying your cottage rental on the Bruce Peninsula!

The ferry ride is just under 2 hours long and takes you right by some of the islands that make up Fathom Five National Marine Park. Youll see tiny Echo Island and larger Cove Island, with a view of the picturesque Cove Island Lighthouse.

There are morning, afternoon and evening departures so you can decide what time is convenient for you, and how much time youd like to spend on Manitoulin during your day trip from the cottage.

If youre visiting Manitoulin, you may want to consider booking in advance, just as you would have done when booking your stay at the cottage. Reservations do fill quickly, so you want to be sure that your plans go ahead!

The ferry departs from Tobermory Harbour and lands at South Baymouth on Manitoulin Island. There youll find local shops, trading posts, places to get an ice cream cone and restaurants so you can enjoy a meal.

On your day trip from the cottage rental you can enjoy a variety of activities on Manitoulin Island including:
- Photographing Bridal Veil Falls: take a dip at the base of the waterfall, enjoy a picnic on top of the falls and dont forget your camera to snap a photo of this beautiful scene!
- Hiking Ten Mile Point Trail: get your hiking boots on and challenge yourself, enjoy the view of the islands of Georgian Bay, take a picnic with you, and visit the large trading post here
- Visiting Little Current: visit the small public beach, watch the Swing Bridge in action as boats go by, take a stroll along the boardwalk by the marina, enjoy a horseback ride, and pick up some souvenirs at the shops!

The drive on Manitoulin is not challenging and you can enjoy a relaxing day trip with your whole family while youre away from your rental cottage. This provides a great idea to keep the kids occupied with new scenery and fresh activities during your holiday.
The Chi-Cheemaun also offers a great sunset cruise, departing Tobermory in the later evening and cruising over to Manitoulin while the sun is setting over the water. Enjoying an anniversary while at the cottage? Looking for an idea for date night with your spouse while on holiday? This sunset cruise, with an optional dinner to purchase, is certainly an option!

So, there's plenty to do for everyone on the Chi-Cheemaun Ferry and on your day-trip to Manitoulin Island!
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05 July 2013
Cooler Summer Weather
What to Do to Still Enjoy your Cottage Rental!
Summer weather is unpredictable  it can be hot and humid or cool and damp, and everything in-between! So what can you do in cooler summer weather while youre renting a cottage? While it may be comfortable to stay in the cottage and cozy up by the fireplace or watch movies with your family, you may be missing out! So keep reading and maybe something here will inspire adventure and creativity in your family while you enjoy your stay at the cottage&

If youre on the Bruce Peninsula, a must-see place to visit is Bruce Peninsula National Park. There you can enjoy hiking trails, the Visitor Centre with its exhibits, activities and special guests, and the various events and activities that Park staff hold at various locations throughout the summer (from interpretive nature walks to geocaching with GPS units  available for rent!)

Hiking is an activity that can be enjoyed in all seasons and nearly any weather! Cooler summer weather may actually be a blessing in disguise, since hiking in very humid, hot weather can be uncomfortable and increase the risk of dehydration. There are many trails to enjoy throughout Ontario  so no matter where you are enjoying a stay at a cottage there is likely a great trail close by for you to explore!

Boat tours are another great idea for cooler summer weather. The boat tours offered in Tobermory, just as an example, give you great views of Fathom Five National Marine Park and Flowerpot Island, all from the comfort of glass bottom boats to take you on a leisurely tour, or jet boats to take you out to Flowerpot Island in a quick and thrilling fashion.

Renting a cottage in the Midland and/or Penetanguishene area? You could plan to visit a variety of attractions in the area including Discovery Harbour (with its resident tall ships), Ste-Marie-Amoung-the-Hurons to discover the areas early settlement history, or check out Wye Marsh to see local flora and fauna and learn through interpretative sessions. All of these activities are family friendly, enjoyed by all ages!

While at the cottage, why not enjoy canoeing on a river? There are many rivers you can try your hand at paddling  in the South Bruce Peninsula (just as an example) there are three prominent, well explored rivers including the Sauble River, the Rankin River and Saugeen River. Some cottages offer a canoe or kayak for your stay, while you can also look into renting your own while you stay at the cottage.

Be sure to check out local towns/villages near your cottage  enjoy farmers markets, car shows and any number of events and activities while you can also browse local shops, eat out at restaurants and take in the scenery and friendly atmosphere  no matter if the weather is cooler!

These are just a few ideas of how you can still get out and enjoy activities and adventures, even in cooler summer weather, while you stay at your cottage rental this season. So get out there and explore AND ENJOY SUMMER!
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