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16 May 2017
Canada 150 Celebration
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If youre wondering about how to celebrate Canadas 150th birthday why not consider an Ontario Cottage Rental. What could be more Canadian than reconnecting with nature by renting a cottage in beautiful Ontario? Below are some very Canadian things you might consider doing to celebrate with your family at the cottage. 1. Enjoy a breakfast of Pancakes and Maple Syrup with Canadian Bacon at the cottage. 2. Take a plunge in one of our Great Lakes (with or without clothing). 3. Read up on the mystery of Tom Tomsons death while youre on your holiday. You may even want to consider an Ontario Cottage Rental in the Owen Sound area and visit the Tom Thomson Gallery. You can even visit the nearby hamlet of Leith and visit his grave. Another option would be to rent a cottage near Algonquin Park and enjoy a canoe trip along the route that Tom Thomson loved. 4. Hike a trail in one of our wonderful National Parks. (Free Admission) 5. Roast Marshmallows and hot dogs around a campfire. Try having someone read a Canadian childrens book out loud to the kids. 6. Celebrate our maritime history by taking a boat tour or catching a fish. (Flowerpot, Thousand Islands) 7. Raise a toast to our country with a craft beer at a local brew pub in cottage country. (Canadians love beer, eh?) You could choose an Ontario Winery if you arent a beer lover. 8. Celebrate our native culture by renting a cottage on Manitoulin Island or at Neyaashiinigmiing and attend a Pow Wow. 9. Build an Inuksuk on the shoreline at your Ontario Cottage Rental. 10. Collect some colorful Fall leaves at the cottage, press and wax them. Add some family pictures depicting your familys Canada 150 Celebration and make a collage. These are just a few simple ideas that weve come up with. If you choose to celebrate Canadas 150th at your Ontario Cottage Rental, we would love to see your pictures and hear about how you celebrated.
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