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08 May 2017
Rainy Days at the Cottage
Bruce Peninsula, Cottage Rentals, Ontario Cottage Rentals
You have finally arrived at your Ontario Cottage Rental, packed and hoping for warm sunny weather. Everyone is out playing in the water, out on the boat and laughing on the dock, enjoying what you have come to experience at your Ontario Cottage Rental. The clouds roll in and it starts to rain... ...everyone runs back to the cottage rental, moods dampened by the weather. Either a movie is thrown on the TV or everyone grabs their iPads and cell phones and they lose themselves in social media, Netflix or likely texting their friends. OR You can make a no screen time rule. Gather together in the main sitting area or around the dining table. Grab a deck of cards and play some classics like Euchre, Crazy 8s, even a game of Go Fish. Scrabble is always a fun family classic game, along with Monopoly. Puzzles can be a lot of fun as well. Lots of laughs and memories in the making. Reconnect with each other, talking, telling jokes and stories. With that in mind, bring along some rainy day activities to bring along in case of some wet or stormy weather. Do not let a little bad weather ruin your summer vacation, make memories to last a lifetime at the Cottage.
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