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31 May 2017
Make Some Memories and Enjoy the Scenery
Ontario Cottage Rentals, Cottage Rentals, Rentals, Summer Rentals
There are a couple of great ways to enjoy your travels up to your ONTARIO COTTAGE RENTAL for your 2017 SUMMER VACATION. It's very exciting to be heading to your COTTAGE RENTAL and it is nice to get there, but there are so many places to see and do along the way up to your ONTARIO COTTAGE RENTAL if you just take the time! The Explore the Bruce Adventure Passport (http://passport.explorethebruce.com/) 17 amazing stops, Collect Punches and Work together and create memories The Big Red Chair Tour (http://www.meaford.ca/community/meaford-big-red-chairs.html) 10 Big Red Chairs to find. Take a photo and Instagram your stops
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29 May 2017
Visiting our National Parks in 2017
Ontario Cottage Rentals, Cottage Rentals, Rentals, Summer Rentals
Most people are aware that Parks Canada is offering free passes called Discovery Passes to all of our National Parks this year in celebration of Canadas 150th birthday. This is a wonderful opportunity to learn about the flora and fauna of our country while staying at your ONTARIO COTTAGE RENTAL but with thousands of people flocking to our parks, there will be a few important things to think about before you even leave home and head to the COTTAGE. Planning your visit ahead will be important this year. There are a number of National Parks and Historic Sites in Ontario. Do some research on the Parks Canada Web Site to see which ones you would like to visit and then book your ONTARIO COTTAGE RENTAL in that area. While youre on the site, make sure you get your Discovery Pass. National Parks and Historic Sites have a limited amount of parking and some Parks will be implementing time limits on visits. Make sure you are aware of this. Some parks have been turning away thousands of people during the summer so you may want to consider an ONTARIO COTTAGE RENTAL in the off season to avoid this happening. If you have to visit during peak season, make sure you have a backup plan for the day in case you are turned away. Dress appropriately for using walking trails. Some areas may have poison ivy or other noxious plants so wear sensible footwear for walking and longer socks or long pants to avoid contact with these plants. If you plan on hiking some of the Niagara Escarpment wear good hiking boots and be prepared for some rough terrain. Take along a small back pack with some water and a healthy snack but make sure you bring all of your garbage back with you. A large zip loc bag is great for collecting garbage. Bring a couple of these along and please dont leave any garbage behind. A little bit of preparation before you head to your Ontario cottage rental can make your visit to a National Park an enjoyable learning experience that the whole family will remember for years to come.
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24 May 2017
Why You Should Consider a September Ontario Cottage Rental
Ontario Cottage Rentals, Cottage Rentals, Rentals, Summer Rentals
September is a beautiful month in Ontario so why not consider making your Ontario Cottage Rental reservation during the month of September. Below are some reasons to consider a September cottage rental. The first few weeks of September can still be quite warm and sunny in Ontario but not too hot; perfect weather for outdoor activities like hiking and biking. Water temperatures are often at their warmest during the last few weeks of August and the first few weeks of September especially if it has been a sunny summer and the lakes have been able to absorb all of that warmth from the sun. This makes it an ideal time of year for canoeing, kayaking and boating. The number of people traveling during the month of September is considerably less than during the peak summer months. One lane highways heading to more remote regions will have less traffic for safer traveling conditions. People in the service industry are more relaxed and have more time to give you their attention and hiking trails, boat tours and day use areas are less crowded. By September most of the pesky bugs like black flies and mosquitos have disappeared. This improves the quality of activities like hiking, evening campfires and even makes just sitting on the deck of your Ontario Cottage Rental more enjoyable. After mid-September some of our Ontario Cottage Rentals can be more flexible with dates and offer minimum stays of 3 nights. You dont have to take a whole week off to experience one of our many Ontario Cottage Rentals. Just call our toll free number to inquire and we will be happy to provide you with options that will suit your needs. Fall colours can begin as early as mid-September. While they may not be as bright and beautiful as those in early to mid-October, they can still be quite lovely. To experience full color consider a family gathering at one of our Ontario Cottage Rentals for Thanksgiving!
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16 May 2017
Canada 150 Celebration
Ontario Cottage Rentals, Cottage Rentals, Rentals, Summer Rentals
If youre wondering about how to celebrate Canadas 150th birthday why not consider an Ontario Cottage Rental. What could be more Canadian than reconnecting with nature by renting a cottage in beautiful Ontario? Below are some very Canadian things you might consider doing to celebrate with your family at the cottage. 1. Enjoy a breakfast of Pancakes and Maple Syrup with Canadian Bacon at the cottage. 2. Take a plunge in one of our Great Lakes (with or without clothing). 3. Read up on the mystery of Tom Tomsons death while youre on your holiday. You may even want to consider an Ontario Cottage Rental in the Owen Sound area and visit the Tom Thomson Gallery. You can even visit the nearby hamlet of Leith and visit his grave. Another option would be to rent a cottage near Algonquin Park and enjoy a canoe trip along the route that Tom Thomson loved. 4. Hike a trail in one of our wonderful National Parks. (Free Admission) 5. Roast Marshmallows and hot dogs around a campfire. Try having someone read a Canadian childrens book out loud to the kids. 6. Celebrate our maritime history by taking a boat tour or catching a fish. (Flowerpot, Thousand Islands) 7. Raise a toast to our country with a craft beer at a local brew pub in cottage country. (Canadians love beer, eh?) You could choose an Ontario Winery if you arent a beer lover. 8. Celebrate our native culture by renting a cottage on Manitoulin Island or at Neyaashiinigmiing and attend a Pow Wow. 9. Build an Inuksuk on the shoreline at your Ontario Cottage Rental. 10. Collect some colorful Fall leaves at the cottage, press and wax them. Add some family pictures depicting your familys Canada 150 Celebration and make a collage. These are just a few simple ideas that weve come up with. If you choose to celebrate Canadas 150th at your Ontario Cottage Rental, we would love to see your pictures and hear about how you celebrated.
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08 May 2017
Rainy Days at the Cottage
Bruce Peninsula, Cottage Rentals, Ontario Cottage Rentals
You have finally arrived at your Ontario Cottage Rental, packed and hoping for warm sunny weather. Everyone is out playing in the water, out on the boat and laughing on the dock, enjoying what you have come to experience at your Ontario Cottage Rental. The clouds roll in and it starts to rain... ...everyone runs back to the cottage rental, moods dampened by the weather. Either a movie is thrown on the TV or everyone grabs their iPads and cell phones and they lose themselves in social media, Netflix or likely texting their friends. OR You can make a no screen time rule. Gather together in the main sitting area or around the dining table. Grab a deck of cards and play some classics like Euchre, Crazy 8s, even a game of Go Fish. Scrabble is always a fun family classic game, along with Monopoly. Puzzles can be a lot of fun as well. Lots of laughs and memories in the making. Reconnect with each other, talking, telling jokes and stories. With that in mind, bring along some rainy day activities to bring along in case of some wet or stormy weather. Do not let a little bad weather ruin your summer vacation, make memories to last a lifetime at the Cottage.
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