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23 June 2017
Water Safety
Bruce Peninsula, Cottage Rentals, Ontario Cottage Rentals
Being out on the open water is all a part of making summer memories and enjoying the summer weather during your stay at your Ontario Cottage Rental. Water Safety should be at the top of your priority list. The waters of Georgian Bay are pretty cold, even in the hot summer months. Winds and weather can change in a matter of moments. Even if you can swim, situations could arise that you wont be able to help yourself or have someone around to assist you. While you are enjoying your Ontario Cottage Rental, please take precautions such as those listed below. Keep an eye on all children. Rocks can be slippery near the shore, currents could change, or a child could end up deeper than expected, or end up on a drop off. It is possible for anyone to drown in just inches of water that can cover the nose and mouth. Alcohol has no place while out on the water, whether you are operating a motorized or non-motorized watercraft. Judgement is greatly impaired and can at times impair decisions. Please wear your life jacket while out on your canoe, kayal, SUP, water ski or boat, even while tubing, wake boarding or water skiing. And lastly, before you head up to your Ontario Cottage Rental go over tips and safe practices with your friends and family.
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