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16 August 2013
What You Should Know About Staying At A Cottage
Are you new to renting a cottage? A little bit unclear about the process? Concerned about unfamiliarity with cottaging? Here is the run-down on things you should know!

First of all  access to the cottage is fairly important! Prior to arriving at the cottage be aware of how you will have access. Be sure that you have the keyless entry code or that you have the lock box combination in order to access the keys. It is very important to remember to put the keys back in the lock box at the end of your stay and that you dont accidentally take the cottage keys home with you!

Knowing the address of the cottage is also very important. Be sure that you know where youre going before you leave your home so that you make it to the rental cottage in good time and without any unnecessary detours. It is a good idea to travel with a map and not just rely on GPS as some GPS devices can have difficulty finding cottages in more remote locations. Being aware of the address is also essential in case of an emergency situation where 9-1-1 assistance is needed.

As you are packing to prepare for your holiday at the cottage, be sure to check out the cottages inventory list that is provided to you. If its not on the list, you need to bring it yourself. If it is on the list, then no need to double-pack!

At all of our rental cottages, details on the cottages operating systems are available for you in case you should need to know. We provide you with the locations of the fuse box or electrical panel as well as the location of the water pump and hot water heater. It is a smart idea to bring a couple of flashlights with you in case power is knocked out in a storm, and its a good idea to remember to not run the water when the electricity is off as the water pump would need to be re-primed. Not so clear on these details? Not to worry  if you have any questions or concerns during your stay, you can call your emergency contact (the owner or repair person) or our 24/7 line for assistance.

Looking forward to a campfire? First, make sure that your rental cottage offers you a fire pit. If not, then you wont be having any fires. If there is, you should still check with the local Municipality regarding any restrictions or regulations, or if a permit is required. Please note that fireworks are strictly prohibited and will result in eviction, so dont ruin your holiday.

First and foremost  NEVER leave garbage or any food items outside the cottage so that you dont attract any hungry critters like raccoons, skunks, or bears. Always follow the garbage disposal instructions that are provided to you  which will be directions to the nearest landfill or designated dumpsters. If weekday roadside pick-up is noted, just be sure that you dont put your garbage out the night before  it will become a snack for those critters and a mess that youll need to clean up.

All of our rental cottages that are not on municipal water ask you to bring your own drinking water. The water at the cottage will be fine for potting, washing, bathing etc but we dont recommend it for drinking. Bottled water is easily accessible at any grocery store or corner store, if you dont feel like bringing a lot of water from home. If you do bring your own bottled water with you, please be sure to recycle the containers to help the environment.

And finally, everyones favourite topic  septic systems! Unless a cottage is on municipal sewer, it will likely operate with a septic system. You dont need to be too concerned about this, but there are a few things to remember. The basic rule is dont put anything down the toilet other than natural waste and toilet paper  and be conservative with the paper. Never put any foreign materials down the toilet, and try to stick with the if its yellow, let it mellow rule to conserve water and help out the septic system and ensure that you dont end up with an unwanted septic back-up!

With this information in mind, youll have a relaxing holiday at your rental cottage that you can enjoy without worry.
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