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02 August 2013
Booking With An Accredited Agency
Rentcottage.com has your back!
Booking a holiday is a very important decision, and consumers want to be assured that they are protected in the decision that they make and in the agency that they choose. In order to protect your holiday and your money, book with an accredited agency.

At Rentcottage.com we pride ourselves on customer service and reliability to our clients as your choice for your cottage rental vacation  and we take that very seriously! To assure you that we are here to take your needs and concerns seriously, we are accredited with the Better Business Bureau as well as licensed with the Travel Industry Council of Ontario.

So what does this mean? And why does it matter to you as a past, current or potential client? Keep reading!

Rentcottage.com has an A+ rating with the BBB (the Better Business Bureau). The A+ rating is the highest rating given by the BBB, as determined by their accreditation standards (feel free to check these out on the BBB website). Check out Rentcottage.coms listing with the BBB at: http://www.bbb.org/kitchener/business-reviews/cottage-rentals/rentcottagecom-in-lions-head-on-1039612

Rentcottage.com's involvement with the BBB includes the review and monitoring of our business practices and supporting BBB services. When rating a business the BBB takes into consideration a wide range of elements including honest advertising, building trusting and truthful relationships, honouring promises, resolving disputes, protecting and safeguarding privacy, and much more. Rentcottage.com works to maintain its A+ rating and we take resolving consumer complaints very seriously!

To further safeguard your cottage holiday and provide you with peace of mind, Rentcottage.com is licensed with the Travel Industry Council of Ontario (TICO). When you speak to any of the reservation specialists when booking or confirming your holiday, you are speaking to an agent registered with TICO whom has passed the TICO Travel Counselors Exam (and in some cases, also the TICO Supervisor/Managers Exam) as required by the Travel Industry Act (2002).

For consumers, TICO assists in four main areas: regulation, monitoring, refunds and complaints. Of particular importance is the fact that consumers who travel with a TICO registered agency (like Rentcottage.com!) are protected by the Travel Compensation Fund  so you are covered even if the business itself fails. To check out our registration with TICO and for more information: http://tico.asicanada.net/source/custom/search_results.cfm?ID=50009034

So no matter where your next holiday takes you, check and see if the agency you book with has your back  Rentcottage.com certainly does!
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