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24 May 2017
Why You Should Consider a September Ontario Cottage Rental
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September is a beautiful month in Ontario so why not consider making your Ontario Cottage Rental reservation during the month of September. Below are some reasons to consider a September cottage rental. The first few weeks of September can still be quite warm and sunny in Ontario but not too hot; perfect weather for outdoor activities like hiking and biking. Water temperatures are often at their warmest during the last few weeks of August and the first few weeks of September especially if it has been a sunny summer and the lakes have been able to absorb all of that warmth from the sun. This makes it an ideal time of year for canoeing, kayaking and boating. The number of people traveling during the month of September is considerably less than during the peak summer months. One lane highways heading to more remote regions will have less traffic for safer traveling conditions. People in the service industry are more relaxed and have more time to give you their attention and hiking trails, boat tours and day use areas are less crowded. By September most of the pesky bugs like black flies and mosquitos have disappeared. This improves the quality of activities like hiking, evening campfires and even makes just sitting on the deck of your Ontario Cottage Rental more enjoyable. After mid-September some of our Ontario Cottage Rentals can be more flexible with dates and offer minimum stays of 3 nights. You dont have to take a whole week off to experience one of our many Ontario Cottage Rentals. Just call our toll free number to inquire and we will be happy to provide you with options that will suit your needs. Fall colours can begin as early as mid-September. While they may not be as bright and beautiful as those in early to mid-October, they can still be quite lovely. To experience full color consider a family gathering at one of our Ontario Cottage Rentals for Thanksgiving!
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