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30 August 2013
Looking Beyond Summer
Three More Seasons to Look Forward To!
Well, its the end of yet another fantastic summer season and while it may be difficult to think of now, this is the time to start thinking ahead to fall and winter holidays and making your plans!

With winter rentals, the primary question from renters tends to be what the cottages heat source is. When renting in the winter season it is particularly important that you rent a cottage that is fully winterized. Items such as insulation, heating, hot/cold water, and ploughed road access are all important. You may prefer electric baseboard heating, forced air or you may prefer to rely on a cozy wood-burning fireplace or peaceful gas fireplace to keep you warm during your stay. These are all items that can be looked into when renting, so dont let the cold keep you away from the cottage!

Many of our rental cottages are open and available throughout the whole year. The fall, winter and spring can be beautiful, peaceful times to enjoy a cottage holiday and enjoy sights and activities that cannot be enjoyed in the summer.

Snowshoeing, cross-country skiing, snowmobiling, hiking, ice fishing, sledding and more are all activities that can be enjoyed in the cold and snow. Keeping your family active and entertained throughout the whole year can be a challenge, but a cottage getaway provides opportunities and the potential for great fun and adventure no matter what time of the year.

If downhill skiing is your activity of choice, consider renting a cottage during your ski holiday. A cottage provides your own space, your own warmth and the freedom to cook, eat, sleep and relax on your own terms. A cottage rental in the Grey Highlands and Midland/Penetanguishene area could be the perfect option for you to be close enough to the ski hills while still enjoying the peace and serenity of cottage life.

Rentals in the off season or low season at our cottages are very flexible during this time of year and, at many cottages, stays can range from a minimum 3 night rental to a full week, to several weeks and months! This gives you the freedom to maximize your time away from work and not be limited in the time that you have at the cottage.

So, even though summer is ending you have plenty to look forward to! The leaves will soon start changing to their brilliant colours, the snow will cover the ground in a sparkling layer of snow, and then spring will be here before you know it with its warm air and refreshing greenery.

Get looking at cottage rentals now, and plan ahead for Thanksgiving, Christmas, Family Day Weekend, March Break, Easter and everything in-between!
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23 August 2013
The End of Summer on the Bruce Peninsula
Look Ahead to a Fall Season to be Enjoyed!
Summer is slowly winding down and as fall approaches you may be looking at what you can do to still enjoy the area while youre staying at a rental cottage. The Bruce Peninsula still has much to offer, so get rid of your summer blues and look forward to the weeks ahead!

Fishing fan? Get out on the water and see what you can catch! The Owen Sound Salmon Derby is on now until Labour Day weekend, while the Pike Bay Fishing Derby will run for the long weekend. This is also a great time of year to enjoy leisurely fishing while youre at the cottage  get out on your canoe on an inland lake or cast off a dock and see what bites!

Local wares are also on display towards the end of the summer and beyond. The Bruce Peninsula Artists Studio Tour will run during the September long weekend, so check out this local studio tour and admire the talents of the areas artists. Weekly farmers markets continue into early October in Wiarton, Lions Head and Tobermory. This is the perfect opportunity to stock up on fresh local produce from the late summer and early fall as well as check out local craftworks. The fresh produce can be grilled up back at the cottage and enjoyed for dinner  your meal cant get more fresh than that!

Looking for a fall fair?! Go no further than Wiarton, which will have its annual Agricultural Fall Fair on the second last weekend in September. If youre renting a cottage in the area during that time be sure to check it out! You cant go wrong with food booths, Farmer Olympics and horse and livestock shows. Enjoy the festivities with your family and see what you can learn and discover together.

The fall is also a time to take advantage of sales at local shops. Sauble Beach is a busy tourist area in the summer with many great shops to browse. Once the hustle and bustle of summertime comes to an end, many shops will have fantastic sales, providing you with a great opportunity to scoop up those shoes, clothes, accessories and more at a terrific deal!

Once September arrives, October will soon follow! Many families enjoy renting a cottage over the Thanksgiving weekend when the Bruce Peninsula has stunning scenery to offer visitors, including beautiful landscapes caused by the changing leaves and a crisp, calm atmosphere. This is a great time to explore the regions trails and lakes when there are less crowds but still a great deal to see and explore.

The fall provides plenty of opportunities for getting out and enjoying a cottage holiday. Whether youre looking for a full week stay or shorter (minimum 3 nights) there are plenty of cottages that will meet your needs. So while summer is winding down and fall will soon be upon us, dont let that stop you from getting out and enjoying a getaway at a great rental cottage!
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16 August 2013
What You Should Know About Staying At A Cottage
Are you new to renting a cottage? A little bit unclear about the process? Concerned about unfamiliarity with cottaging? Here is the run-down on things you should know!

First of all  access to the cottage is fairly important! Prior to arriving at the cottage be aware of how you will have access. Be sure that you have the keyless entry code or that you have the lock box combination in order to access the keys. It is very important to remember to put the keys back in the lock box at the end of your stay and that you dont accidentally take the cottage keys home with you!

Knowing the address of the cottage is also very important. Be sure that you know where youre going before you leave your home so that you make it to the rental cottage in good time and without any unnecessary detours. It is a good idea to travel with a map and not just rely on GPS as some GPS devices can have difficulty finding cottages in more remote locations. Being aware of the address is also essential in case of an emergency situation where 9-1-1 assistance is needed.

As you are packing to prepare for your holiday at the cottage, be sure to check out the cottages inventory list that is provided to you. If its not on the list, you need to bring it yourself. If it is on the list, then no need to double-pack!

At all of our rental cottages, details on the cottages operating systems are available for you in case you should need to know. We provide you with the locations of the fuse box or electrical panel as well as the location of the water pump and hot water heater. It is a smart idea to bring a couple of flashlights with you in case power is knocked out in a storm, and its a good idea to remember to not run the water when the electricity is off as the water pump would need to be re-primed. Not so clear on these details? Not to worry  if you have any questions or concerns during your stay, you can call your emergency contact (the owner or repair person) or our 24/7 line for assistance.

Looking forward to a campfire? First, make sure that your rental cottage offers you a fire pit. If not, then you wont be having any fires. If there is, you should still check with the local Municipality regarding any restrictions or regulations, or if a permit is required. Please note that fireworks are strictly prohibited and will result in eviction, so dont ruin your holiday.

First and foremost  NEVER leave garbage or any food items outside the cottage so that you dont attract any hungry critters like raccoons, skunks, or bears. Always follow the garbage disposal instructions that are provided to you  which will be directions to the nearest landfill or designated dumpsters. If weekday roadside pick-up is noted, just be sure that you dont put your garbage out the night before  it will become a snack for those critters and a mess that youll need to clean up.

All of our rental cottages that are not on municipal water ask you to bring your own drinking water. The water at the cottage will be fine for potting, washing, bathing etc but we dont recommend it for drinking. Bottled water is easily accessible at any grocery store or corner store, if you dont feel like bringing a lot of water from home. If you do bring your own bottled water with you, please be sure to recycle the containers to help the environment.

And finally, everyones favourite topic  septic systems! Unless a cottage is on municipal sewer, it will likely operate with a septic system. You dont need to be too concerned about this, but there are a few things to remember. The basic rule is dont put anything down the toilet other than natural waste and toilet paper  and be conservative with the paper. Never put any foreign materials down the toilet, and try to stick with the if its yellow, let it mellow rule to conserve water and help out the septic system and ensure that you dont end up with an unwanted septic back-up!

With this information in mind, youll have a relaxing holiday at your rental cottage that you can enjoy without worry.
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09 August 2013
What's New at Rentcottage.com?
A Larger Service Area, To Serve You Better!
As some of you may have noticed on our Facebook page and in our cottage listings on our website, Rencottage.com has added a variety of new cottages this season in a new and larger service area. We are excited to offer our clients options for cottage rentals in this new service area, heading further east and north in this beautiful province of Ontario than we ever have before  while still offering amazing options for you in the regions that weve been proud to service for years.

Rentcottage.com is now able to offer you over 350 cottages ranging in area from southern Lake Huron north to Tobermory along the Lake Huron shoreline, and from Tobermory to Owen Sound and on towards Parry Sound along the Georgian Bay shoreline  and everything in-between! We also have cottages in the heart of Beaver Valley (ski country!) over to Lake Simcoe, and north to new areas from Gravenhurst to Huntsville.

What this means for you, if youre looking to rent a cottage, is that we have more options for you and we will be sure to find you the perfect choice for your cottage holiday! We even have a large variety of four-season rentals available for you to choose from, so it doesnt matter if it is spring, summer, fall or winter  we can find you the perfect cottage that fits your needs!

Since we have made this recent expansion further into Simcoe County, and have now reached into the Districts of Muskoka and Parry Sound, we want to make sure that you are not lost on the possibilities that exist in this new territory!

The Muskoka and Parry Sound Districts are well-known for their beautiful lakes, stunning wilderness and opportunities for outdoor enjoyment. So if youre renting in this area dont forget to bring your swim gear, your non-motorized watercraft, hiking boots, bicycles, fishing poles, golf clubs and more. Renting in the winter? Perfect  bring along your boots, snowshoes and skis and perhaps your snowmobile! Theres no shortage of outdoor enjoyment in these regions, so youll be able to keep the whole family active and occupied so that everyone has a wonderful experience.

Beyond the golf courses, hiking trails and lakes, there are also a variety of attractions in the area such as Santas Village, the Muskoka Wildlife Centre or the Gravenhurst Opera House, and much more. There are various museums and parks for you to explore, as well as farmers markets and unique shops for you to browse.

Highway 11 makes access to the Muskoka District easy, as it passes right by Gravenhurst, Bracebridge and Huntsville, while Highway 400 heads north out of Barrie direct to the Parry Sound district. From there be sure to have your maps handy (or GPS if youre tech-savvy!) so that youll be able to navigate into the heart of this Cottage Country and arrive safely at your cottage rental for a one-of-a-kind holiday.
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02 August 2013
Booking With An Accredited Agency
Rentcottage.com has your back!
Booking a holiday is a very important decision, and consumers want to be assured that they are protected in the decision that they make and in the agency that they choose. In order to protect your holiday and your money, book with an accredited agency.

At Rentcottage.com we pride ourselves on customer service and reliability to our clients as your choice for your cottage rental vacation  and we take that very seriously! To assure you that we are here to take your needs and concerns seriously, we are accredited with the Better Business Bureau as well as licensed with the Travel Industry Council of Ontario.

So what does this mean? And why does it matter to you as a past, current or potential client? Keep reading!

Rentcottage.com has an A+ rating with the BBB (the Better Business Bureau). The A+ rating is the highest rating given by the BBB, as determined by their accreditation standards (feel free to check these out on the BBB website). Check out Rentcottage.coms listing with the BBB at: http://www.bbb.org/kitchener/business-reviews/cottage-rentals/rentcottagecom-in-lions-head-on-1039612

Rentcottage.com's involvement with the BBB includes the review and monitoring of our business practices and supporting BBB services. When rating a business the BBB takes into consideration a wide range of elements including honest advertising, building trusting and truthful relationships, honouring promises, resolving disputes, protecting and safeguarding privacy, and much more. Rentcottage.com works to maintain its A+ rating and we take resolving consumer complaints very seriously!

To further safeguard your cottage holiday and provide you with peace of mind, Rentcottage.com is licensed with the Travel Industry Council of Ontario (TICO). When you speak to any of the reservation specialists when booking or confirming your holiday, you are speaking to an agent registered with TICO whom has passed the TICO Travel Counselors Exam (and in some cases, also the TICO Supervisor/Managers Exam) as required by the Travel Industry Act (2002).

For consumers, TICO assists in four main areas: regulation, monitoring, refunds and complaints. Of particular importance is the fact that consumers who travel with a TICO registered agency (like Rentcottage.com!) are protected by the Travel Compensation Fund  so you are covered even if the business itself fails. To check out our registration with TICO and for more information: http://tico.asicanada.net/source/custom/search_results.cfm?ID=50009034

So no matter where your next holiday takes you, check and see if the agency you book with has your back  Rentcottage.com certainly does!
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26 July 2013
Safety Out on the Water
The Safe Use of Recreational Watercraft
When looking at cottages available to rent through Rentcottage.com you may notice that many cottages offer recreational equipment for your use and enjoyment. These recreational items can range from sports equipment to bicycles, and even non-motorized watercraft such as canoes, kayaks, paddleboats, or rowboats (and more)!

Lake Huron, Georgian Bay, and the many stunning inland lakes in Rentcottage.coms coverage area offer amazing opportunities to get out on the water while youre enjoying your holiday at the cottage. When engaging in activities out on the water, safety considerations are at the foremost of importance.

One of the first items to check on is whether or not the rental cottage also offers lifejackets  this will be indicated under the Vital Statistics or House Rules of the cottages webpage. Never go out on the water without a proper lifejacket or personal flotation device  if the cottage does not offer one, please be sure to bring your own.

When out kayaking, canoeing or any other type of boating, always keep in mind that weather out on the water can change in an instant. You should always take extra caution when venturing out onto any body of water - large or small, open or sheltered. Keep a close eye on the weather as storms can blow in on Lake Huron and Georgian Bay very rapidly. You do not want your holiday to end in tragedy so check the weather before going out in any watercraft.

Dont be daring either& instead find a comfortable, sheltered area to enjoy a paddle and always pay attention to your surroundings  whether it is watching for rocks in the water or other boaters to always knowing your location.

If you take valuables out on the water, such as cameras or cell phones, put them in a watertight container for safe keeping. Whistles, flares and safety ropes are excellent items to consider taking with you, as well as dressing appropriately for wind and cold water. Safety out on the water is a key factor in keeping your holiday at the cottage safe and fun for all. Take some time to plan ahead and be prepared, and dont forget to smile and enjoy these great recreational activities!

For safe keeping of the equipment never non-motorized watercraft in the water or close to shore  waves and wind can easily carry boats away of all shapes and sizes. At the end of your stay at the cottage, please ensure that all recreational watercraft are properly stored (see your Information Package for specific instructions). Bring the watercraft back out of the water and store all lifejackets and paddles where you found them. This way, the watercraft that is available at the cottage will be available for the enjoyment of all renters throughout the season.
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19 July 2013
Neyaashiinigaamiing First Nations Reserve
(Cape Croker)
Neyaashiinigaamiing, or Cape Croker, is the reserve located north of Wiarton, an area where a First Nations community has lived for centuries. Rentcottage.com has two listings on this reserve. Call our office to get more information on them  1.888.447.9590  and bring your family to experience some of the most pristine waters and scenery on the Peninsula.

Neyaashiinigaamiing will provide you with spectacular scenery and incredible views from many points on the reserve.

If you are staying with at a rental cottage elsewhere on the Peninsula, make sure you visit the Native community and admire exotic plants together with wildlife. This place provides a lot of information for those who wish to learn more about the Bruce Peninsula and its First Nations history.

While staying at a rental cottage take in the Cape Croker Pow Wow, which is held annually on the 3rd weekend of August. A Pow Wow is a gathering of Native people celebrating their heritage through drumming, songs, and dance. It is a very powerful event to be part of or to witness.

If you are renting a cottage in the area and want to hike the Bruce Trail, youre in luck, as some of the most beautiful parts of the Bruce Trail run right through Cape Croker Reserve. Experience it for yourself and broaden your horizons!
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12 July 2013
The MS Chi-Cheemaun and Manitoulin Island
The Perfect Day-Trip Experience!
The MS Chi-Cheemaun Ferry  the big canoe in Ojibway  is your means of transportation between Tobermory and Manitoulin Island, across the beautiful waters of Georgian Bay. Taking a cruise on the ferry and visiting Manitoulin Island is a great idea for a day-trip while you are enjoying your cottage rental on the Bruce Peninsula!

The ferry ride is just under 2 hours long and takes you right by some of the islands that make up Fathom Five National Marine Park. Youll see tiny Echo Island and larger Cove Island, with a view of the picturesque Cove Island Lighthouse.

There are morning, afternoon and evening departures so you can decide what time is convenient for you, and how much time youd like to spend on Manitoulin during your day trip from the cottage.

If youre visiting Manitoulin, you may want to consider booking in advance, just as you would have done when booking your stay at the cottage. Reservations do fill quickly, so you want to be sure that your plans go ahead!

The ferry departs from Tobermory Harbour and lands at South Baymouth on Manitoulin Island. There youll find local shops, trading posts, places to get an ice cream cone and restaurants so you can enjoy a meal.

On your day trip from the cottage rental you can enjoy a variety of activities on Manitoulin Island including:
- Photographing Bridal Veil Falls: take a dip at the base of the waterfall, enjoy a picnic on top of the falls and dont forget your camera to snap a photo of this beautiful scene!
- Hiking Ten Mile Point Trail: get your hiking boots on and challenge yourself, enjoy the view of the islands of Georgian Bay, take a picnic with you, and visit the large trading post here
- Visiting Little Current: visit the small public beach, watch the Swing Bridge in action as boats go by, take a stroll along the boardwalk by the marina, enjoy a horseback ride, and pick up some souvenirs at the shops!

The drive on Manitoulin is not challenging and you can enjoy a relaxing day trip with your whole family while youre away from your rental cottage. This provides a great idea to keep the kids occupied with new scenery and fresh activities during your holiday.
The Chi-Cheemaun also offers a great sunset cruise, departing Tobermory in the later evening and cruising over to Manitoulin while the sun is setting over the water. Enjoying an anniversary while at the cottage? Looking for an idea for date night with your spouse while on holiday? This sunset cruise, with an optional dinner to purchase, is certainly an option!

So, there's plenty to do for everyone on the Chi-Cheemaun Ferry and on your day-trip to Manitoulin Island!
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05 July 2013
Cooler Summer Weather
What to Do to Still Enjoy your Cottage Rental!
Summer weather is unpredictable  it can be hot and humid or cool and damp, and everything in-between! So what can you do in cooler summer weather while youre renting a cottage? While it may be comfortable to stay in the cottage and cozy up by the fireplace or watch movies with your family, you may be missing out! So keep reading and maybe something here will inspire adventure and creativity in your family while you enjoy your stay at the cottage&

If youre on the Bruce Peninsula, a must-see place to visit is Bruce Peninsula National Park. There you can enjoy hiking trails, the Visitor Centre with its exhibits, activities and special guests, and the various events and activities that Park staff hold at various locations throughout the summer (from interpretive nature walks to geocaching with GPS units  available for rent!)

Hiking is an activity that can be enjoyed in all seasons and nearly any weather! Cooler summer weather may actually be a blessing in disguise, since hiking in very humid, hot weather can be uncomfortable and increase the risk of dehydration. There are many trails to enjoy throughout Ontario  so no matter where you are enjoying a stay at a cottage there is likely a great trail close by for you to explore!

Boat tours are another great idea for cooler summer weather. The boat tours offered in Tobermory, just as an example, give you great views of Fathom Five National Marine Park and Flowerpot Island, all from the comfort of glass bottom boats to take you on a leisurely tour, or jet boats to take you out to Flowerpot Island in a quick and thrilling fashion.

Renting a cottage in the Midland and/or Penetanguishene area? You could plan to visit a variety of attractions in the area including Discovery Harbour (with its resident tall ships), Ste-Marie-Amoung-the-Hurons to discover the areas early settlement history, or check out Wye Marsh to see local flora and fauna and learn through interpretative sessions. All of these activities are family friendly, enjoyed by all ages!

While at the cottage, why not enjoy canoeing on a river? There are many rivers you can try your hand at paddling  in the South Bruce Peninsula (just as an example) there are three prominent, well explored rivers including the Sauble River, the Rankin River and Saugeen River. Some cottages offer a canoe or kayak for your stay, while you can also look into renting your own while you stay at the cottage.

Be sure to check out local towns/villages near your cottage  enjoy farmers markets, car shows and any number of events and activities while you can also browse local shops, eat out at restaurants and take in the scenery and friendly atmosphere  no matter if the weather is cooler!

These are just a few ideas of how you can still get out and enjoy activities and adventures, even in cooler summer weather, while you stay at your cottage rental this season. So get out there and explore AND ENJOY SUMMER!
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28 June 2013
Lion's Head
Your Holiday Destination!
The perfect cottage rental location is found halfway up the Bruce Peninsula, in the village of Lions Head, Ontario where limestone shorelines and sunrises are things you will not get tired of seeing, and loons calling and waves crashing are sounds you will look forward to hearing every time you return.

Lions Head is a charming little village that attracts guests from all over the globe - let us help you and your family find the perfect cottage rental here!

Lions Head has a natural harbour and a beautiful sandy beach. This beach is perfect for families that have rented cottages within the village and surrounding areas. The harbour provides great swimming, fishing, kayaking, canoeing and rock climbing. Many families that rent cottages in Lions Head get to experience most of these things while here.

The rugged Niagara Escarpment that wraps around this harbour is how this town came to be Lions Head. A large rock formation at the tip of the Escarpment resembling a lions head used to be visible from the shoreline but since then has been partially grown over by trees.

While you are renting a cottage in Lions Head take in some of the activities that the village has to offer: hike the Bruce Trail with its wide variety of plants, potholes, and lookouts; have a bite to eat at a local restaurant or bakery; or shop at some of the unique shops and artisans studios.

A recent addition to the community is Friday nights Harbor Nights located down at the beach shoreline. Every Friday night local musicians perform songs and play musical instruments in front of a large cheering crowd. Take a break from the cottage or your outdoor adventures and come and enjoy an evening of singing and jamming.

Lions Head really is the perfect place for your family to vacation, so let us help you and your family find a great cottage rental in this beautiful Ontario community!
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14 June 2013
Your Dog at The Cottage
Tips for An Enjoyable Holiday with Your Dog
Taking your dog to an ONTARIO COTTAGE RENTAL involves a bit of planning before you hit the road.

Here are a few pointers to get you started on planning your vacation with your beloved companion.

Before leaving for the COTTAGE take your dog to the vet for a quick check up and to get all necessary shots and vaccinations. Make sure you have copies of your vaccination records and licenses for your dog. Look into some local vets and keep their telephone numbers with you at the COTTAGE in case of emergency.

Before you venture out with your dog on a 5 hour trek to the COTTAGE take your dog on a short drive around your own home and see how he or she does. If you notice that your dog is not enjoying the drive you may need to contact a vet and see about something that your dog can be given for the long car ride to the COTTAGE.

While vacationing at an ONTARIO COTTAGE RENTAL please make sure your dog is on a leash. There is much wildlife that your dog may be interested in following and if not on a leash you may end up with a lost pet. Another reason for the leash is that a lot of families that are renting COTTAGES are bringing along their pets as well, and not all dogs get along - so having he/she on a leash will take away from the stress of them wondering off to see what other dogs are around.

Please make sure that while you are at your ONTARIO COTTAGE RENTAL that you try to keep your dog from barking a lot. Noise travels across lakes and there is nothing worse than a barking dog to wake you while on vacation at the COTTAGE, so be respectful of others who want to enjoy their peace and quiet too.

Lastly, there is lots of wildlife at the COTTAGE that your dog may not be familiar with. At your ONTARIO COTTAGE RENTAL you and your dog may see raccoons, skunks, porcupines, chipmunks, squirrels, rabbits, snakes and maybe even a bear. So just be cautious when out exploring this new terrain, so that you and your dog have a safe and enjoyable experience!
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10 May 2011
Ontario Cottage Rentals
Finding Ontario cottage rentals for the perfect holiday that are affordable and one that the whole family will enjoy can be a challenge especially if you have children of various ages. The trick is to come up with a spot with fun activities that will keep those teen and pre-teens engaged while the younger children can play and be safe. Whether you actually live in the province of Ontario or not, an Ontario cottage rental can provide all the ingredients you are looking for to keep everyone happy and active. It's not difficult to find an ideal family Ontario cottage rental in and around the Georgian Bay area that offers a host of amenities such as pots, pans, etc, are situated on or next to beautiful sandy beaches with a variety of things to do all summer long. Everyone can participate in hikes or walks along well kept trails or explore nearby towns to take in a country fair or a farmer's market. From boating and fishing to building sandcastles and evening barbeques or simply relaxing on the deck of your own Ontario cottage rental, everyone will find something to keep them happy and busy. Its well worth taking the time to search out the many Ontario cottage rentals available that will fit all of your family's needs. One would be hard pressed to beat the convenience or affordability of spending a few weeks in a fully equipped cottage in the Georgian Bay area. Simply key in the words Cottage Rentals Ontario and you will be able to view a large selection of Ontario cottage rentals in a number of locations along with information about local activities; then just choose the one that is best suited to the needs of your whole family.
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29 April 2011
Sauble and Wasaga Beach Cottage Rentals
Renting one of our many Ontario cottage rentals allows you to get away from your normal routine and is truly the best way to get the most out of any holiday. The warm clear waters and pristine, sandy shoreline along Lake Huron is sure to rejuvenate the body and clear the mind of even the most stressed vacationers. Just two hours from either Toronto or London, Ontario will land you in the welcoming and relaxed atmosphere of Sauble Beach.

Whether your much needed holiday includes the whole family or a special getaway for you and that special someone, a Sauble Beach cottage rental is the ideal way to escape from it all. From wind surfing, canoeing or kayaking to watching the Canadian National Beach Volleyball Championships or romantic sunset strolls on the beach, Sauble Beach has just what you need to create the perfect holiday. A Sauble Beach cottage rental can accommodate an active and outgoing family of six or be the idyllic backdrop for your romantic weekend away. Vacationers of all ages will find an activity to suit whatever their interests are. One can visit the home of Wiarton Willy, fish for salmon or trout, spend the day shopping, sample a variety of snacks along the beach or spend an evening at a local fine dining restaurant.

Another famous Ontario vacation hot spot is the town of Wasaga Beach along Georgian Bay. With 14 kilometers of soft, warm sand, the area is proud to be known as the world's longest fresh water beach. Those looking for fun activities to engage the whole family will find plenty to do on two separate beaches equipped with playgrounds and plenty of appropriate amenities. The areas that are located just to the east or west of the main beaches offer a quieter and more relaxed atmosphere.

Both families and groups will easily find a Wasaga Beach cottage rental that is perfect for their needs. With amenities like a fridge, stove, propane barbeque, gas fireplace, fire pit, picnic table and air conditioning, it's easy to feel at home the moment you arrive. Whether you have planned your getaway to soak up the sun and build sand castles in the summer or enjoy a weekend of cross country or downhill skiing Wasaga Beach is the ideal place for your next holiday adventure. Take in one of the many weekend festivals that this area is proud to host whatever time of year you plan to come. Booking your home away from home in a fully equipped Wasaga Beach cottage rental will make it even easier to enjoy a stress free holiday.

Whether your dream vacation takes you to beautiful Lake Huron or the pristine beaches of Georgian Bay make your next holiday that much more enjoyable by staying at either a Sauble Beach cottage rental or a Wasaga Beach cottage rental. From exploring Ontario to a weekend skiing holiday or planning the perfect summer wedding, Lake Huron and Georgian Bay have year round accommodations and activities for all ages.
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28 April 2011
Southern Ontario Cottage Rentals
Staying at one of the many Ontario cottage rentals is a great way for the whole family to discover all that this magnificent province has to offer in every season. With year round holiday destinations, Southern Ontario offers a host of activities such as miles of sandy beaches to hiking trails, skiing, snowmobiling, canoeing and superb game fishing. Weekends can also be spent exploring the many cultural and special events that take place year round, shopping, sampling the local fare at one of the many restaurants or simply getting together with friends at a local pub. In the heart of Southern Ontario sits the picturesque town of Collingwood where one can spend the day on Blue Mountain or soak up the summer sun along Wasaga Beach. There are many amenities around the cottages for rent in Collingwood and the whole family will enjoy visiting Plunge Water Park which is open all year round, attending an outdoor concert or even taking in a movie under the stars.

When searching for the perfect cottages for rent, Collingwood is certainly the ideal place for that special romantic weekend getaway as well as being the perfect spot for an exciting fun packed family vacation. Most cottages for rent come equipped with dinnerware as well as pots and pans with some that will also provide many other supplies for the convenience of their guests. One of the most popular Ontario cottage rental summer destinations is by far the region of Nottawasaga Bay with incredible mount views and 14 kilometers of white sandy beaches which boasts warm, pristine waters providing hours of fun and relaxation for all. Visitors with a Wasaga Beach cottage rental enjoy seemingly endless trails for year round activities such as snowmobiling, cross-country skiing, cycling or hiking. This unique system of trails offers many public access routes making it easy to begin exploring no matter where you are staying. Once on the trail, visitors are enveloped in the magical beauty of abundant forests and amazing sand dune systems where spectacular photo opportunities abound. One can spend the day game fishing on the Nottawasaga River or even rent a boat or canoe for more exciting adventures.

A Wasaga Beach cottage rental makes the perfect base for exploring the many regions in and around Georgian Bay. Discover first-hand why vacationers from across North America have made this region Southern Ontario's premier cottage rental destination. So before you plan your next family vacation or that much deserved romantic retreat, check out the huge selection of Ontario cottage rentals that border Lake Huron and Georgian Bay and discover the beauty and magnificence of Bruce Peninsula. A Southern Ontario cottage rental has such a wide selection of options to choose from and will easily accommodate groups, families as well as couples and offers visitors of all age groups an abundance of activities in any season.

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