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1. It says pets are not permitted at the cottage I'm interested in, can an exception be made?
If the profile states that pets are not permitted, then the owners of the cottage have chosen not to permit pets on the property for whatever reason. If the profile states pets are permitted/negotiable please call our office to see if your pet can join you on your holiday.

2. If you have pet allergies...
Please do not assume that a property is "pet free" just because the cottage does not allow pets. Some owners have pets and bring them to the cottage but restrict renters from bringing their pets. If you have a pet allergy please call the office prior to booking to discuss.

3. If you have mould allergies...
If you have a mould allergy, please contact us prior to making the booking to discuss as many of the cottages are shut down for the off season and can be musty, as well as rooms in basements can be musty during the summer months. We cannot guarantee that any cottage will be completely mould free no matter how old or new.

4. I have more people in my party than the occupancy level permits, can an exception be made?
The owners of the cottage set the occupancy level usually based on wear and tear on the cottage through the rental season, water levels/septic system size, and the number they feel comfortable with having on their property. We sign contracts with our owners agreeing we will adhere to their occupancy levels. Please be aware that these occupancy levels are for all times and day guests are to be included.

5. Do I have to clean the cottage?
Yes, it is the responsibility of the renter to clean the cottage at the end of their stay. The cottages we represent are all privately owned and one of the owner's primary concerns in renting out their vacation home is how the cottage will be left at the end of the renters stay. In most areas of Cottage Country it is difficult to arrange cleaning services; therefore we have found that having the renters clean the cottage prior to leaving is the best system. Cleaning supplies and equipment are available for you at the cottage and someone will inspect the cottage prior to your arrival and then again after your departure to make sure it has been left in clean and working order. Cleaning and Linen services may be available at some cottages for an additional cost. The availability and cost for these additional services must be confirmed at the time of booking.

6. Does anyone check the cottage before I arrive?
The owners of the cottages are responsible to have someone check the cottage prior to your arrival and after your departure to ensure that the cottage is clean and in working order.

7. Can I have guests at the cottage?
If you have guests you would like to have stay or visit and it does not exceed the occupancy level for the cottage (this is for day guests as well), please contact our office to have them added to your application.

8. Are any cottages available for a Long Weekend Rental?
Partial stays may be available depending on the cottage during our low season, the only exception would be the May Victoria weekend, it is not available for just a partial stay.

9. What if I have to cancel?
If you have to cancel, we would open your dates up online and try to rebook the cottage for you. If we are successful in doing so, all money you have paid to date of cancellation would be refunded less a $150.00 cancellation fee. If we are unable to rebook the cottage, all money paid to date of cancellation would be forfeited to the company.

10. Is there GST on the cottage?
Some of the cottages we list have to charge GST on top of the weekly rental rate. If this is the case, it will be noted with the rate on the cottage profile.

11. What will be at the cottage?
All of the cottages come with pots, pans, dinnerware, and supplies to clean the cottage at the end of your stay. You will need to bring your own linens and towels unless otherwise noted, paper products, food (including condiments and spices), or any specialty items you would require. For a list of what amenities are available for you at the cottage please look at the "Household Rules" located on the cottage profile page.

12. Have you been to the cottage?
Most of our staff have visited each of the cottages. Each fall during our quieter times we try to visit as many of the cottages as possible so we can have a better understanding of the layouts and surrounding area allowing us to answer your questions to the best of our ability.

13. How cold/warm is the water?
Water temperatures will vary depending on the body of water, location, and time of year. Georgian Bay and Lake Huron are the 2 major bodies of water that lie on either side of the Peninsula. Georgian Bay is on the east side and tends to be cooler and is at its warmest in August where Lake Huron is on the west side and is usually quite warm by July. If you have questions about a specific body of water please contact us and we will do our best to help you.

14. What is there to do in the area?
There are so many activities to enjoy while you are vacationing at the cottage. Please feel free to visit our "Things To Do" page to help you plan your vacation.

15. Are we able to get the address to the cottage to view it prior to renting?
For privacy, security, and insurance reasons we are unable to give out the cottage address prior to your final payment. Each individual Cottage Profile page gives a detailed description of the cottage as well as numerous inside and outside photo's allowing you to see the cottage.

16. Are pets allowed on the beach?
Pets are not permitted on any Public beaches.

17. What do I do if there is a problem when I'm at the cottage?
If there is a problem when you arrive at the cottage or throughout your stay, please contact us or your emergency contact to let us know so we can try to rectify the problem for you. If you wait to let us know after you get home we can't rectify the problem for you as well it will create a problem for the next renters going in.

18. Cottage Life vs. Critters...
Flying, crawling, scurrying animals, and bug life are a part of Cottage Country! Life out here is usually pretty different from life in the city. That is why you're going on vacation right? So relax, read a book, maybe a book on cottage country wild life, and remember that most critters are more frightened of you than you are of them. It is important to observe some rules when vacationing:

  • Don't leave food out on the kitchen counters or anywhere else, ants and mice love leftovers.
  • Don't leave patio doors open, chipmunks and squirrels love to visit, not to mention mice and will enter at the slightest invitation.
  • Lights at night will attract moths and other types of flying insects, some small enough to penetrate screens. Mother Nature, seasonal temperature variations, life cycles etc. can all create unexpected visitations, again a part of cottage life that we all have to deal with. Check your Cottage Information Kit for any notes the owner may have made about visiting wildlife.

19. Can I have a camp fire at the cottage?
Some of our cottages do have fire pits for your use; please check your Cottage Information Kit to see if one is available. If a fire pit is not indicated in the cottage description or inventory FIRES ARE NOT PERMITTED AT THE COTTAGE. If fires are permitted , please check with the local municipalities to make sure there are no fire bans on.

20. Can we light fire works off at the cottage?

21. Can I drink the water at the cottage?
Most cottages use the lake as the primary source of water, including drinking water. We recommend you bring bottled water for drinking regardless of the water source, and whether or not it is filtered.

22. What do I do with my garbage?
Everything you bring to the cottage has to be disposed of one way or another, including garbage and recyclables. Some of the cottages we have listed may have curb side pickup, please check your Cottage Information Kit for details. If curbside pickup is available for you please remember that your garbage/recycling is to be placed outside the morning of pickup, not before as it could attract unwanted critters that tend to create a large mess. If curbside pickup is not available you are responsible to take your garbage and recycling to the closest landfill/recycling site, please check your Cottage Information Kit for details. If you can't get to the landfill/recycling site on your last day please take your garbage/recyclables with you.

23. Will my cell phone work at the cottage?
Please don't assume that your cell phone will work throughout Cottage Country. Many areas have little or no cellular service depending on the service provider. Check with your service provider to determine whether a specific area has service.

24. How do I get the keys and directions to the cottage?
Once we have received your final payment we send you an email with a login and password so you can login on our site to access all the information you will require while at the cottage, including lock box code to access the keys, directions, and a map.

25. Taking care of the environment while at the cottage.
While at the cottage please be respectful of the area and nature. We are very proud of these beautiful areas and would like to continue to see them stay beautiful for us, you, and future renters.

26. Why do you require my Home Owners or Rental Content Insurance?
The cottages we list are privately owned and are only able to acquire Liability Insurance, so your Home Owners or Rental Content Insurance is require in case of any Negligent Damage.
Home Insurance Requirements

27. I don't have any insurance, but can I still rent a cottage if I pay the Accidental Damage Fee or Security Deposit?
Without a Home Owners/Rental Content Insurance policy a rental will not be accepted, as negligence or willful damages are not covered by our Accidental Damage Protection Plan or Security Deposit.
Home Insurance Requirements

28. Where can I find the Booking Application?
The link for the Booking Application can be found on the profile page of the cottage you booked in the top right corner.

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