How to Have a Successful Hiking Day on Your Ontario Vacation

When you’re spending your days in beautiful Ontario, Canada, there is so much to see and do! From the mouthwatering restaurants to the stunning nature all around you, the area has tons of attractions like the Bruce Peninsula National Park that you and your family are sure to love. If you want to take some time to get away from it all and just connect with nature, why not go on a hike? With these simple tips, you can head out of our cottage rentals in Ontario and have an incredible hiking experience.

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Check the Weather

There’s nothing worse than getting halfway through a hike and feeling those first horrible raindrops on your head! This tip might seem simple, but it deserves to be said: check the weather before you leave.

The weather forecast can change overnight (literally), so even if you’ve picked a day in advance, check the weather again before you leave for your hike. 

In addition to checking the rain chance, also look at the cloud cover, high temperatures, heat index, and humidity levels. All of these factors can impact the pleasantness of your hike. If the Bruce Peninsula weather isn’t completely favorable, that doesn’t necessarily need to stop you. If it will be a little hotter than you’d like, pack some extra water bottles, or if the humidity is a bit high, consider keeping your hike to lower elevations.

Start Early

For your best chance at an unforgettable hike, start early in the day. First, you’ll be able to take advantage of the cooler morning hours and can cover more ground quickly. This momentum can help keep you going once you get further into the hike. You’ll also have a better chance of seeing the area’s wildlife that tends to hide in the daytime when crowds come through.

Starting early also gives you the added benefit of a time cushion. Often, a hike takes longer than you predict it will. Especially if you have other things you’re planning to do that day, starting your hike early will ensure you get back in plenty of time. Always assume you’re going to be gone longer than you think you will.

Dress Accordingly

What you wear on a hike is a huge factor in your comfort level. Always dress in layers. You may need long sleeves in the morning at the beginning of your hike, but once you get going, you’re going to get hot fast. By wearing a jacket or long-sleeved shirt over your short-sleeved shirt, you can remove layers as you get warm.

Arguably the most important things you can wear on your hike are durable and comfortable shoes or boots. You’ll obviously be walking a lot, often over varied terrains, so you want a pair of shoes that will support your feet for the entire journey. Just don’t make the mistake of wearing a brand-new pair of shoes, since you’ll experience the added pain of breaking them in!

Plan Your Visit

No matter where you choose to stay in Ontario, you will be met with gorgeous scenery and plenty of opportunities for outdoor adventure. Book your Tobermory cottage rental today!

Pack Essentials

Be smart about what you include in your pack. Water is essential, and bringing a reusable water bottle is a great way to stay hydrated while helping the environment. Especially for longer hikes, consider bringing a refreshing sports drink like Gatorade or Powerade. You’ll also want snacks or a full lunch if you’re taking a longer hike. Protein bars, nuts, crackers, and sandwiches are all good options.

You’ll also want equipment to help you along your journey. A first-aid kit, flashlight, emergency shelter, knife, and lighter can all come in handy if you find yourself in trouble. Bring some sort of navigation aid, whether that be a map, compass, or both. Finally, don’t forget your sun protection! That feeling of finishing a hard hike just to realize you’re sunburned is never fun.

Ready to explore all the incredible nature of Ontario? We are proud to offer Bruce Peninsula cottage rentals that make the perfect “home away from home” on your next getaway. No matter who you’re visiting with or how long you’ll be in town, we’ve got you covered! Contact us today to learn more about our Lions Head cottage rentals and all of our Ontario accommodations!


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