Pointers for a Successful Hiking Day

Often part of your family vacation at one of our Ontario cottage rentals involves at least one day of hiking if not more.  Here are a few simple tips to help ensure that your hiking day is a success.

If you don’t hike often or the kids are joining you don’t overestimate your endurance level.  Start small and work up to longer hikes. Try a few practice runs in a conservation area close to home before you head to your Ontario Cottage Rental. 

woman hiking

Check the weather forecast before you head out and dress accordingly.  Dress in layers and take a small lightweight backpack with you so that you can take layers off and put them in the pack.  Include an inexpensive rain poncho in case you get caught in an unexpected rain shower along your way and don’t forget to apply your sunscreen before you even leave your cottage rental.  Take it with you so you can reapply. You might want to consider taking a small first aid kit as well. A small flashlight and small knife can also be useful.  

Make sure you wear appropriate footwear.  If the terrain is rough, wear hiking boots with good ankle support and wear a pair of socks to avoid blistering.  For shorter, easy walking trails you can get away with a good pair of running or walking shoes. Never wear heels.  This is a sure way to end up with an ankle injury. 

Leave the cottage early and get an early start on your hike.  You will avoid the crowds, the higher mid-day temperatures and your chance of seeing wildlife will be greater.  

Take some water and food along in your backpack and enjoy a rest or small lunch along the trail.  Carefully pick your picnic spot and leave no trace or evidence that you have been there. Do not stray from the trail to avoid trampling rare plants or stepping in poison ivy.  Do not pick plants or disturb any small creatures. Each plant and creature plays an important part in the ecosystem. 

Lastly, enjoy your hike. Relax and take in the flora and fauna around you. A hike is one of the best ways to explore the Bruce Peninsula. At the end of the day when you’ve returned to your Ontario Cottage Rental your family will have lots to talk about around the campfire. 


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