Researching Your Ontario Cottage Rental Holiday

Before you head to your Ontario Cottage Rental try doing a little bit of research into not only the area you are going to but also areas that you may pass through on the way to your Ontario Cottage Rental.  Researching is so easy these days on the internet and can improve the quality of your vacation at the cottage.  

Don’t be in a hurry to get to where you’re going.  Remember, you’re on vacation! Once off that major 400 series highway, take a deep breath, ease your foot back on the gas pedal and slow down your pace.  Break up the long trip to your cottage rental and wind down a bit by enjoying a hike at a Conservation Area along your route, enjoying a picnic or having a swim.   This will give your kids a chance to burn off some pent up energy from sitting in the car too long and maybe spare you from having to listen to that familiar question; “ Are we there yet?”

Researching what there is to do and something as simple as making a reservation for a boat tour in advance can save you time.  Find out what peak times you should avoid to prevent waiting for long periods of time. Looking into what is open prior to your holiday can also help conserve those precious holiday minutes. Restaurants and businesses in some tourist areas, cut back their hours in the Spring and Fall and some close entirely after Thanksgiving Weekend.  Make sure the attractions you want to see are open especially if you are going to a tourist area during the shoulder seasons. Picking the time of year to enjoy the weather on the Bruce Peninsula is crucial to making the most of your time!

Time spent researching prior to your Ontario Cottage Rental can not only save you time but also stressful moments of disappointment and will improve the overall quality and enjoyment of your Ontario Cottage Rental Experience. 


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