Not as advertised

This property is NOT as advertised. The cottage itself is as expected… wear and tear that should be fixed and needs a THOROUGH cleaning, but nonetheless, it’s a cottage. The property however is nowhere near what the pictures show. It is overgrown and in-cared for. There is little to no view from the deck, absolutely none from the fire pit and the sunset deck is being encroached on by trees. To get into the water you also have to go through the trees. When I brought this up to the company and also the owner, they claimed they, “didn’t know about the state of the property.” I believe this shows how much the property is cared for.

In addition to the horrible grounds (worst looking grounds on the entire street when ‘viewed’ from the lake), the hot tub is filthy and with broken parts— not worth it!

When sitting out at night, be careful of the
millions of spiders that have also taken over due to lack of care from the owner.

After my stay mid-August (for my rearranged honeymoon no less), I contacted the company with my concerns. They said they were taking new photos of this property. After waiting Over a month to see the new photos, alas they aren’t posted. I thought it best at this point to warn other cottage-goers and encourage you to find a DIFFERENT property to stay at!

The best part about this stay was the shipwreck in the WATER. There are multiple other rental properties along this shore with access to that— and they have better properties and more well-cared for cottages!

2832 Highway #6
P.O. Box 70, Lions Head, N0H 1W0
Toll Free: 888.447.9590
Intl: 519.793.3108
Office Hours: Mon-Fri 8:30am to 4:30pm EDT

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