The Ulitmate Guide to Snowshoeing in Ontario

For Bruce Peninsula winter activities or things to do in Ontario, you ought to check out snowshoeing!  We will cover snowshoeing in Ontario as it best relates to Bruce Peninsula weather, in general, and also get you thinking about some cottage rentals in Ontario while you’re at it. So read ahead to discover one of the best winter activities in the area: snowshoeing! 

What is Snowshoeing?

Walking…hiking…but out in the snow, and with special shoes!

The snowshoes you use basically help you float on the snow. They typically don’t leave large footprints and they allow you to walk above the snow as opposed to having to walk into the snow (and risk getting your feet cold).

Studies have found this form of exercise to be one of the most profoundly beneficial ones in the way of the cardiovascular. Indeed, some reports have stated that people have lost as much as 1,000 calories in a single hour. Imagine snowshoeing for several hours at a time in a single day. It involves low-impact types of muscle-building, which is even better, all in all. 

Not only that, it helps you with your coordination and even balance-strengthening abilities as well. During this outdoor activity, you will be able to connect with nature and enjoy the winter weather.

Where Should I Go? 

Now that you know what snowshoeing actually entails, you’re going to want to know where to go! Luckily, Ontario has quite a few awesome places that are great for snowshoeing. While this list is, of course, not all-inclusive, these are a couple of incredible spots to get you started! 

So first of all, you will find that the Grotto Exploration within the Bruce Peninsula National Park is both a snowshoe and ice trek adventure that is best done with all your best buddies — so gather them up and prepare for a team activity like no other. You will sweat, laugh, and hopefully burn off those extra calories from breakfast as you and the group pass from the Bruce Peninsula National Park all the way to that well-known grotto! And to book an adventure like this, of course, will cost you a little… but how much exactly, you might be asking? 

snowshoes ontario canada
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Well, prepare to spend about $65 (per person) for some of the most fun you will ever have. Think of it as 65 of the best dollars you will ever put down on activity. It is well worth it. The Snowshoe the Grotto activity is known for its moderate difficulty, so keep that in mind. Come somewhat ready to be challenged, at the very least. The event lasts for about 4 hours in total! 

As for the trails that you can do, if you prefer that instead, you can find all kinds of amazing trails like the Bruce Trail which is super great for beginners, and should be the first trail you embark on. You might also consider others like the Sauble Trails, which lets you easily explore the shoreline area of nearby Sauble Beach. The Sauble Trails also feature some of the loveliest forest paths around. 

Tips on Which Snowshoes to Get

When it comes to snowshoeing, you don’t need a ton of equipment, but you’ll definitely want to do some research and figure out the best pair of snowshoes for you. The first thing to consider is getting the right frame and deck. This is the feature that will determine how well you get to float over that snow, which is one of the biggest selling points and features overall of snowshoes. If the deck area happens to be large, then you will be able to get a better sort of “float” as you walk right over that snow. Smaller decks sink more quickly and more easily.

You will also want to get snowshoes that offer a great binding. You can pay more money to get better binding which will make it more secure. You also will need to consider the traction, as this goes under the shoe and makes an impact on the snow or ice.

Plan Your Getaway

When you’re done snowshoeing for the day, you’re bound to be tired! You’re going to want a relaxing place to stay for the evening. Rent Cottage offers amazing Tobermory cottage rentals, Lion’s Head cottage rentals, and other cottage rentals in Ontario. If you’re already looking at snowshoeing, then the best thing that you could additionally do is to find the right nearby rental to stay in. Save you some time, some hassle, and some worry, all in all. Why not, right?

Safety Tips

Of course, like with any hobby or sport, you always want to make sure you are not only the most effective in your approach but also the safest. The first thing that you will want to always remember is to keep both of your legs parallel as you walkabout. It might feel a bit like shuffling and could be a little awkward at first, but it’s by far the most effective approach to snowshoeing. Also, as you do so, take big, high steps.

This is the safest and most effective way to walk about in snowshoes because these shoes are evidently wider than typical snow boots or other shoe types. So, you do need to adjust your stride and always employ a wider stance than usual. And as you pick your feet up this will help avoid clipping… which you never want to happen. If you clip one snowshoe over the other, for instance, you can trip and fall faster quite quickly, and it might be a challenge to get back up! So remember: Lift those feet high!

If you are going uphill, think about getting snowshoes with heel lifts. These can be your best friend in this situation. Flip-out heel lifts are great, and some snowshoes come with them already on. They help you with the steepness of the climb. They keep your feet both level with the ground and with each other. 

Book Your Bruce Peninsula Cottage Rental 

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