Why are Cottages Better for a Family Vacation Than a Hotel?

If you’re planning an Ontario family vacation, you’re probably busy researching rental options. You could stay in a hotel, but have you considered booking a cottage instead? Cottage rentals in Ontario provide your perfect “home away from home” and have tons of advantages over your average hotel. Never stayed in a cottage rental before? Not to worry. We’ve got all the reasons why you should consider a cottage for your next trip to Ontario!

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Save on Your Vacation

We’re all looking to save money where we can, and opting for a cottage rental over a hotel is a great way to do that. Hotels can get expensive fast, often competing with other hotels in the area and raising their prices exponentially in the busy season. With a cottage rental, however, you’re much more likely to get a good deal.

Plus, if you’re bringing a large group, you can split the cost of your cottage rental to save even more.

Another big benefit to staying in a cottage is being able to cook. You don’t have your own kitchen in a hotel, which means you’re forced to eat out for every meal. But in your cottage, you can buy groceries and cook for yourself. Even cooking just one meal a day is a wonderful way to save some money.

Book With Confidence & Flexibility

Hotels are notorious for overbookings and inflexibility. There’s nothing worse than confirming your reservation only to find out that your hotel has been double-booked. With so many guests to care of, it’s easy for hotels to get their wires crossed. In a cottage rental, however, you can rest assured that you’ll get exactly the dates you’re looking for with no confusion.

Further, hotels offer little in the way of flexibility. Once you book your dates, you’re essentially locked in and don’t have much room to ask for extra time. Again, this issue simply doesn’t arise with cottage rentals. Owners are much more flexible and can typically accommodate you if you need a late check-out time or another alteration.

Privacy & Security

When you stay in a hotel, you feel like you absolutely no privacy. People are constantly wandering up and down the halls, and even in your own room, you and your fellow travelers don’t have much space to move around in. Cottage rentals can give everyone their own bedrooms, so you feel like you have a space that’s actually yours.

Security can be a big concern while you’re traveling, and hotels don’t provide much of that. With hotel staff moving in and out of your room every single day, not to mention the hundreds of guests walking right outside your door, it can feel like your things aren’t truly safe. However, with a cottage rental, you are the only one with access to your things, ensuring that everything stays secure.

Plan Your Visit

For families in search of a comfortable, secure vacation to Ontario, our cottage rentals are sure to provide the ideal getaway experience. Contact us today to learn more about our winter cottage rentals in Ontario!

Feel Like a Local

Perhaps best of all, staying in a cottage rental helps you feel like a local. Stepping from the city into your hotel immediately shifts you back into “tourist mode.” But by staying in a cottage, it feels like you have your own little home right in the heart of the neighborhood. You can even imagine that you don’t have to go back to real life! You’ll be close to many of the area’s best attractions and can craft your itinerary however you see fit.

Have we convinced you that cottage rentals are far superior to hotels? Good! Now it’s time to pick out your cottage rental for your next Ontario getaway. We are proud to offer rentals all over the area for your visit to the Bruce Peninsula, including our popular Wiarton cottage rentals. Contact us today to learn more!


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