Cleaning the Cottage at the End of Your Holiday

Guests are responsible to do a full clean of the cottage and remove all garbage/recycling at the end of the rental period unless otherwise stated on the cottage profile page, notes in the Welcome Package or arranged with

If the property requires additional cleaning/garbage disposal following your departure, appropriate deductions will be made from your Credit Card along with a $50.00 administration fee.

Cleaning equipment and supplies normally used have been provided to make your task as easy as possible. Below is a housekeeping check list we ask you to utilize prior to your departure at the end of your stay.

** Applies only if these appliances/equipment have been provided at this cottage


  • Sweep and damp mop all hard floor surfaces and vacuum all carpeted surfaces
  • Dust throughout
  • Wipe off all table/counter tops and all kitchen appliances
  • If anything was spilled in the oven, please clean
  • Empty dishwasher**
  • Empty fridge and freezer and wipe out
  • Clean microwave**
  • Empty all garbage containers – dispose of as per instructions in Cottage Rental Package provided
  • If applicable, launder any cottage linens (bed, bath, or kitchen) that were used (unless you have prepaid for linen service – see above)
  • Check the coffee maker (remove grounds)**  
  • Clean tub, toilet, sink, mirror etc. in bathroom(s)
  • Fireplace** – make sure fire is out, flue is closed, and ashes cleaned up and disposed of as per any instructions left by owner
  • Clean fingerprints/smudges from sliding glass/screen doors, windows, etc.


  • Make sure patio furniture, cushions etc. are properly stored
  • Check for and dispose of any cigarette butts, garbage, dog leavings etc.
  • Make sure barbecue grill is cleaned and that barbecue and tank are turned off and cover put on, etc. ** (Do not leave propane tanks empty)
  • Check shed/storage area doors etc. and make sure everything is properly stored and locked up.


  • Check all windows, make sure they are closed and locked, close drapes
  • Check all doors and make sure they are locked. Return Keys to lock box and place on doorknob
  • Make sure all garbage cans have been emptied and garbage removed
  • Don’t leave behind beer cases or pop empties please
  • Check for personal belongings indoors and out (all rooms, drawers, under beds, waterfront, etc.)

Cleaning Guidelines to Prevent the Spread of COVID-19

In addition to the cleaning list we already provide, we have created the following cleaning checklist based on recommendations from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

Your Cleaning Checklist

  • Ventilate rooms before you clean. Allow fresh air to circulate for at least 30 minutes. If possible, leave all windows open during the entire cleaning process.
  • Wash you hands thoroughly before and after each cleaning. Use soap and water, scrub for at least 20 seconds. If that is not possible, use a hand sanitizer with at least 60% alcohol.
  • Wear disposable gloves while you clean. Gloves should be thrown out after each cleaning. Make sure to wash your hands immediately after gloves are removed.
  • Clean, then disinfect. Cleaning is when you use soap or detergent to remove dirt, germs, and impurities. Disinfecting refers to the use of chemicals like bleach or alcohol to kill germs. Doing both is the best way to reduce the spread of infection.
  • Use the right disinfectant. Diluted household bleach solutions, cleaning products with at least 70% alcohol and most common disinfectants registered by the Environmental Protection Agency are believed to be effective against the Coronovirus.
  • Focus on frequently touched surfaces. Light switches, doorknobs, remote controls, and faucet handles are just a few of the areas you will need to disinfect. Please see our list of frequently touched services on the next page.
  • Wash all linens at the highest heat setting recommended by the manufacturer. That includes bed sheets, mattress covers, hand and bath towels, kitchen towels, and blankets. Wear gloves when handling dirty laundry.
  • Empty the vacuum cleaner after every cleaning. Disinfect the vacuum cleaner along with other cleaning appliances like the dishwasher and washing machine.

What to Clean and Disinfect. Pay special attention to these frequently touched surfaces.


• Doorknobs

• Fans and Lamp Chains

• Garbage and Recycling Bins

• Hairdryers

• Irons and Ironing Boards

• Keys

• Light Switches

• Railings

• Remote Controls

• Tabletops

• Thermostats

• Windowsills and Handles


• Appliances: Coffee Maker, Oven, Toaster, Kettle

• Cabinet Handles and Pulls

• Condiments: Oil, Salt/Pepper Shakers, Spice Containers, etc.

• Hard-backed Chairs

• Kitchenware: Dishes, Cutlery, Cooking Utensils, Glasses, etc.

• Sinks and Faucets


• Sinks and Faucets

• Toilets

• Showers, Tubs and Faucets

• Soap Dispensers

• Shower Curtains and Doors


• Nightstands

• Hangers and Luggage Racks

• Head and Foot Boards

• Dressers

Cleaning Appliances:

• Dishwashers

• Vacuum Cleaners

• Washer/Dryer Units

• Brooms/Mops

Kids Items:

• Highchairs

• Portable Cribs and Playpens

• Toys

Other Amenities:

• Bikes

• Books

• Boardgames

• Movies

• Radios

• CD Player

• DVD Players

• Canoes, Kayaks, SUP Boards and Paddles

• Patio Furniture


Due to COVID-19, renters are responsible to bring all their own LINENS, TOWELS, PILLOWS and BLANKETS as they will NOT BE PROVIDED for the 2021/2022 rental season regardless of what is noted under “At A Glance”. We apologize for any inconvenience.

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